Bottle Stoppers

When it comes time to purchase gifts for your colleagues, or perhaps for a grab bag gift exchange among friends, consider a bottlestopper. A bottle stopper is used in place of a cork to secure a bottle of wine. Corks, though traditional, often break after the bottle of wine has been opened, and can crumble. If cork crumbles into a bottle of wine, the gritty texture will ruin the experience of drinking it. More secure than a cork, a bottlestopper keeps an already opened bottle of wine fresh.

A wine bottle stopper may be as plain as a rubberized version of a cork or perhaps more ornate, with an interesting handle or theme.  A bottlestopper is also easier to insert and remove and is a popular item to give to friends, colleagues, or family members who would enjoy a functional piece of artwork every time they open a bottle of wine. You can find a bottle topper that is adorned with your secretary’s initial, or perhaps a cluster of grapes. Other popular topper motifs include hobbies, such as golf (just grab the golf ball to open the bottle!), chess (you can find a wine stopper with a rook, knight or even king piece), and even cards (miniature resin cards displayed in a full house form these wine bottle stoppers’ handles). Hunters will surely enjoy bottle stoppers adorned with moose or twelve point bucks, while a clever gift for fishing enthusiasts can be found in a stopper topped with a colorful rainbow trout in mid splash.

For the artistic acquaintance or relative, trade in the plain cork or rubber bottle stopper for one topped with exotic art glass. One of these pieces of art hardly resembles a utilitarian cork, with its rainbow of colors reflected in the handblown handle. Some of these ornate wine bottle stoppers are even inlaid with a streak of precious metals!

You can easily, and affordably, commemorate not only the holidays, but other occasions as well, by giving creative and unique wine bottle stoppers as gifts or as part of a wine gift basket. Surprise a Republican friend with a bottle of wine and a bottlestopper shaped like an elephant to celebrate the end of his campaigning. Give an ultra feminine friend a glamorous gift by choosing among wine bottle stoppers that have been adorned with glass jewels in a variety of colors. Pick up a shamrock topper to thank a friend for having you for a corned beef and cabbage dinner on St. Patrick’s Day, or one decorated with the United States flag as the perfect, understated, hostess gift at a Fourth of July or Memorial Day barbecue.

By gifting friends, colleagues, acquaintances, and family members with bottle stoppers, you are giving them a gift that they will enjoy for years to come, and think of you fondly for giving them, while remaining within your budget for the occasion.

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