A Clear Winner Of A Gift Idea: Glass Bottle Stoppers

A glass bottle stopper may be an abstract piece of art, such as a sea glass stopper which is an interestingly shaped, vividly colored stopper, or it may be a brightly colored design, such as the murano glass stopper. A murano glass bottlestopper may employ a rainbow of colors, however you can also purchase one that is colored in a friendl’s favorite team’s colors or colors that match the holiday, such as green and red to be given as a hostess gift at Christmas.

The next time you are invited to a friend’s home for dinner, or have to purchase a gift for the office grab bag, instead of standing flummoxed in front of the display of wines at the local liquor store, buy your friend, colleague, acquaintance, or family member a gift they will enjoy over the course of many bottles of wine – a glass bottlestopper. A glass bottle stopper takes the place of the cork in sealing an open bottle of wine.

Consider a glass wine topper adorned with hand blown glass in your friend’s favorite color, or a murano glass bottle stopper to appeal to a colleague’s love of Italy. Though sea glass bottle toppers can be a single piece of glass, in a range of colors, you can also purchase one that is created from fusing a few different colored pieces of sea glass together for an abstracted effect that evokes the rhythims of the ocean while being a totally unique gift, which the recipient will treasure for years to come.