Wedding Bottle Stoppers

You want to give your guests a favor to remind them of your special day and that is why you should consider bottlestopper wedding favors. There are wedding wine stopper ideas for every style, theme, and budget. A bottle stopper wedding favor is a tasteful gift will fit with any wedding decor and offer a favor that your guests will use for years.

Wedding Bottle Stoppers are beautiful and practical. Most people will have wine in the house and, because it is often a struggle replace a cork, it is a great idea to use a bottle stopper to keep the wine fresh and free of cork contaminants.

A heart bottle stopper is the most popular selection by brides who want something that signifies love and unity. Also popular is the bride and groom bottle stopper. Bottle stopper wedding favors make a stunning gift for your guests. You can personalize a wedding bottle stopper using a customer printed gift tag. Some bottle stoppers can even be engraved. You can select from metal, glass or ceramic bottle stoppers for your wedding favors. Perhaps you might want to order several styles and place them intermittently among your place settings. These favors display beautifully and lend a sense of class and style to your reception tables. It is always wonderful to see favors integrated as a part of the decor and with wine stopper favors, you can definitely consider using them in this manner.

There are dozens of wedding themed bottlestopper variations from which you can choose and you will have no problem finding the right favor for your guests. When you are looking for your ideal bottle stoppers, keep in mind how much your guests will love these unique favors that will remind them of your special day for many years to come.